Willie Shaw

Raised in Orange County, CA, Willie Shaw started writing his own songs at a young age thanks to his musical family upbringing. Willie’s family had an unwritten rule that you had to pick up an instrument by a young age – and his was guitar. Not only was Willie musically talented but he was a very talented baseball player. He received a scholarship to play baseball at William & Mary where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in American studies and a master’s in accounting after suffering a career-ending injury. In between classes in the summer, he busked for tips at restaurants in downtown Williamsburg where strangers turned fans encouraged him to move down to Music City. Willie moved to Nashville after graduation to work for NASA as a project specialist and then eventually as a financial representative for Northwestern Mutual. He recently gave up life in a suit for performing on stage with his guitar chops and crooning falsetto. Willie has signed a publishing and artist development deal with Warehouse West Entertainment and will be releasing his first song on October 11th. He has proudly partnered with CAA for agency representation and Career Artist Management.

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