Maggie Miles

Maggie Miles is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from the Western hills of Northern Virginia, but don't let the folk surroundings fool you. Raised on 80’s hair bands and 70’s rock, Maggie draws her sound from the soulful vocals of vintage artists like Stevie Nicks and Ann Wilson which she dresses in fun pop grooves and disco tech. She attempts to address the conflicts of this life through sharp-hitting lyrics textured in funky grooves, that paint a compelling picture of our imperfect existence. The contrast of her jazzy sounds and perceptive lyrics are a result of her commitment to connectivity through the honest expression of the human condition.“I make music for the utter reason alone that I need to create something for myself that makes sense...when nothing else around me does.” She was discovered by Bruce Gates after performing at Pearl Street Warehouse in DC and is now signed to a management and artist development deal with Warehouse West Entertainment and living in Nashville, TN. Maggie is set to be releasing new music in the fall.

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